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Our Personal Guarantee -- The Besttradesmen Promise!


1. At Besttradesmen we aim to select tradespeople who are the 'best in the business' to ensure that our high standards are maintained.


2. We have assessed and screened all tradespeople featured on to ensure they meet our strict criteria.


3. All tradespeople featured on have confirmed and agreed to provide the warranties set out in our Terms & Conditions. Click here if you want to see these Terms & Conditions.


4. All tradespeople featured on have promised to us that they will:

  • be  fully transparent in the trade qualifications they hold, the trade or master associations they are members of, and the rates that they charge;
  • comply with industry standards and manufacturers recommendations for the use and application of products and materials;
  • ensure that all applicable industry warranties and guarantees are available for work they carry out (depending on the trade and project, the guarantee can extend up to five years);
  • on completion of the job and payment in full for their services they will provide all applicable industry warranties and guarantees for the work they have carried out.

5. All tradespeople featured on can, and will, provide written and detailed quotes (including payment terms) for any size project.


Some Legal Stuff:


Our Guarantee is subject to the Terms & Conditions of this website. Click here if you want to see these Terms & Conditions.


Your contract (or any agreement entered into) with a tradesperson featured on our website is between you and the relevant tradesperson.


We will use reasonable endeavours to help settle any issues, however we cannot be held responsible for the selected tradesperson’s work or associated issues.


Helpful Hint:


Please see the Besttradesmen Hints and Tips page for selecting the best tradesmen and for resolving any issues that may arise during your projects.

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